Battle at the Rock review

I competed in the “Battle at the Rock” this past weekend at CrossFit Castle Rock. This was my first solo competition and only my second competition (my first can be read about here).

*Or is the proper name “The Gym, CrossFit Castle Rock”? Can anyone answer? If they can, I assume it is owned by the same company that owns “The Gym, CrossFit Kilo” in Cedar Falls, Iowa? Are there more of these? Did they start out as gyms and then add CrossFit? Finally, are they sponsored by Advocare? The only two CrossFit boxes I have ever seen Advocare so prominently displayed were at Kilo and Castle Rock. So many questions, so little time, someone help!

Leading up to the day of the event I had only one complaint: how late the heat times were announced. I completely and totally understand not releasing the WODs until the night before or maybe two nights before (the WODs for this competition were released on Thursday night), but why they waited on releasing the heat times until late on Friday afternoon/evening was a little confusing. I had people who wanted to come watch me and they were also making their own plans for a Saturday morning or afternoon. They had to wait until after 6pm on Friday to find out when I would be competing and that seems late. Give everyone, even the athletes, a little time to prepare the basic logistics of when they will arrive at the venue, when they need to warmup, etc, a few days ahead of time. Continue reading

Box Review: CrossFit Archaic

1002267_10200868626451736_1908593057_nWhat else are you supposed to do in Rapid City at 5:30am? I went to CrossFit, of course.

I gave CrossFit Archaic a call when we arrived in Rapid City and they were happy to have me the next morning. Their first class is at 5:30am and they don’t have a second class until 9:00am. I figure, like most coaches, they would rather not stay late and I had to keep on my Smolov Jr. program in an attempt to increase my back squat, so I asked if there was a chance anyone gets there before 5:30am and they said they would accommodate. Score one for the good guys and a bonus point for the gracious CrossFit community.

I arrived at Archaic at about 4:50am and after a bit I started to warm up in the parking lot. I wanted to be sure I was ready to rock the squats when the coach got there because I wanted to participate in the daily WOD, too. Continue reading