Pound for Pound Review

As usual, here is my post event review of my performance, and the event, for the Pound for Pound competition I did this past weekend at CrossFit LoDo. As I wrote late last week, the workout descriptions were not very clear so while I did make some predictions, they either were not valid because theContinue reading “Pound for Pound Review”

Pound for Pound comp

This weekend is my second competition of the year – the Pound for Pound challenge at CrossFit LoDo. This comp is a team comp and I am competing with a female from my gym. The idea behind the Pound for Pound is that weights are based off of a body weight percentage, thus leveling theContinue reading “Pound for Pound comp”

Battle at the Rock – take 3

This weekend I am competing at the Battle of the Rock at CrossFit Castle Rock. This will be my third go at this competition. I think it is well run and each year I have loved the WODs. My first solo competition was in 2013 at the Battle of the Rock and it was funContinue reading “Battle at the Rock – take 3”

“Professional” exercisers, huh?

What’s with all the “professional exercisers” tearing in 15.2? What other sport, as a professional, would someone intentionally leave off a piece of equipment that could help them from getting injured? In baseball if you swing a bat over and over you could get some nasty blisters – so baseball players wear gloves. Same thingContinue reading ““Professional” exercisers, huh?”

Past Open Events Review

I’m sure someone else has done this to death, but I am going to do this anyway. I was going to write it down, so why not do it on my blog and maybe someone else can enjoy? Are there any trends over the years? If the point of CrossFit is to get fitter, thenContinue reading “Past Open Events Review”