Strengthen your spine? What? How?

Many great exercises to strengthen your back

According to this article on CNN there is a way to strengthen your spine. Your spine is all bone and nerves, right? No muscles, right? How do you strengthen something that is not a muscle? You can’t. You can, however, strengthen the muscles that support your spine to alleviate or reduce back pain.

The first of seven ways to strengthen your spine is a good one: good posture. I have to constantly remind myself to have good posture, especially while at work at my desk. Slouching just comes too naturally and easily and I always need to suck in my gut and sit up straight.

Deep breathing is #2 and along with solid breathing you should work in some ab work to strengthen your core. The stronger your core the better your body will support your weight and your back will feel better because of it. Continue reading

WOD #2 – 01.22.2013

Felt so good I had to WOD again! (Angie this morning)

General stretching
Squat hold
Light power clean

Most of this is taken from Hotdogs and Cupcakes
15×2 hang power cleans at 50% 1RM every 30 seconds
8×2 box squat jumps with dumbbells
Max height box squat jump
Plank holds 1 min on, 1 min off, 1 min on
Reverse hyper

Results Continue reading