Strengthen your spine? What? How?

According to this article on CNN there is a way to strengthen your spine. Your spine is all bone and nerves, right? No muscles, right? How do you strengthen something that is not a muscle? You can’t. You can, however, strengthen the muscles that support your spine to alleviate or reduce back pain. The firstContinue reading “Strengthen your spine? What? How?”

WOD #2 – 01.22.2013

Felt so good I had to WOD again! (Angie this morning) Warmup General stretching Squat hold Light power clean WOD Most of this is taken from Hotdogs and Cupcakes 15×2 hang power cleans at 50% 1RM every 30 seconds 8×2 box squat jumps with dumbbells Max height box squat jump Plank holds 1 min on,Continue reading “WOD #2 – 01.22.2013”