A few videos of me #opt

Thanks to OPT programming I had to do these today:

I have never done a weighted legless rope climb before, until this morning. I think I could have gone heavier if the descent wasn’t so awkward with the weight between my legs.

Thanks to OPT programming I have added 15 pounds to my snatch over the past three months or so. I was stuck at 165/170 for a long time. 185 isn’t huge by any means, but it gives me hope that I will get my goal of 200 someday (a goal I set a few years ago).

And I really got to wondering why I made 185 just a few minutes after missing it. So I analyzed. Look like I moved my butt up way too early and pulled the bar back into me instead of straight up, in the miss.


Just another week in the gym. Love it.

Box Review: CrossFit Julia and the Tough Pumpkin


Me during the farmer carry

This post is well overdue. It has been over three weeks since I competed in the Tough Pumpkin at CrossFit Julia. I competed in the “Rookie” competition with three other members from my box. It was a two male, two female competition aimed at CrossFit competition rookies. I know one of the girls on my team was a rookie and it was her first comp, the other female has been in a few competitions just this year, but her range of motion is just barely adequate and she is still working on a few of the basic movements (pullups, for example). This was my third competition this year (and my third ever) and the second male was a college swimmer, but I am not sure if he has competed in a CrossFit comp before.

Julia is a fairy small box located in pretty much the exact opposite corner of the Denver metro area from where I live. I live in Southeast Aurora and Julia is in Louisville or what could be considered outside the Northwest corner of the Denver metro area. While the box was small they appear to do a great job with storage of equipment and have adequate floor space. I would guess that if they have a class of 15 individuals they are pretty tightly packed. But, hey, so are we at my box.

Julia does have a nice entry way with a desk and seating area and a decent sized room for children. They have some cabinets where I’m guessing some members might keep post-workout nutrition along with other basic eats.

I heard really good things about this competition from last year and was looking forward to the WODs. Last year I heard they included some sort of football toss, catch and run into a WOD. Continue reading