13.5 is done and so am I

Thanks to CrossFit PTZone Mornington for the picture – chest to bar pullups

I did 13.5 on Saturday, and as I wrote the other day; I didn’t really care.

How much didn’t I care? I did Saturday’s prescribed WOD before 13.5 which was a partner 20 minute AMRAP with burpees, front racked lunges, situps and power snatches. I didn’t spend too much time re-warming up or getting the feeling of the 100 pound thruster. I did a few chest to bar pullups and figured that I would be lucky to get 70 reps and it would be a four minute workout. Easy.

Not so much.

I finished the 15 thrusters in about 35 seconds and linked five chest to bar pullups before coming off of the bar. I hit a few more pullups and then I started to have issues getting my chest to physically touch the bar. I had the height for most of my pullups, but didn’t get the contact needed. I am guessing I did 30-40 pullups in the remaining three plus minutes after my thrusters but I only got 14 pullups in which my chest touched the bar. Your math is correct: 29. My pathetic score on 13.5 was 29.

Oh well. The Open was fun and I came out on fire and full of determination but by this fifth week I was much more concerned with regular WODs and just working out.

On Sunday I had more fun doing “deck of cards” by myself (see my April WOD log) than I had prepping and doing 13.5. Continue reading

WOD – 01.26.2013


21-15-9 of thrusters and pullups.

On January 7th I did it in 5:52. Today I did it in front of 2 guys who trained under Greg Glassman in Santa Cruz and the 2nd fittest man in the world. And I folded like a cheap card table chair.

Today, not so much. I think the late in the day WOD, lack of hydration (my throat was BURNING after Fran today, must more than normal after a 10 min workout) and the over-worrying about my form killed my time. I was so concerned with be “no-repped” that I thought about my form too much and didn’t just kill it.

It took me 9:24 to complete Fran today. UGH! AWFUL! PISSED! I was no-repped on about 6 pullups. Matt Chan was there and I crumbled under the pressure as one time he was watching me do a thruster and I almost fell over because I was thinking about form so much. Fell over backwards…who the hell falls over backwards with weight racked in the front?!?!

It was brutal and I better do better tomorrow.

WOD – 01.02.2013

I. Am. Sore. I usually don’t get sore during the week. Maybe that is a bad thing? I feel like I push myself pretty darn hard and if the intensity of a workout is measured by how soaked your t-shirt is then I certainly kick my own ass. But I rarely feel sore. I am tired and sore today. I can only figure that my 2-a-day on Monday set my body up for being sore. Doing “Barbara” yesterday certainly helped. Thanks to the 2 minute rest between rounds I was able to go pretty hard each round.

I almost took a rest day today but I sucked it up and went to the gym.

10 good mornings
10 slam balls
10 squats
10 wall balls

WOD – this was a long one…and a bit confusing. I think CrossFit Crush tends to have WOD’s like this.
Tabata frog jumps (basically broad jumps but your hands have to touch the ground when you land)
Then set up a bar for the next portion – about 2-3 min rest
3 min max effort bar hopovers
Rest 1 min
8 min AMRAP of:
10 thrusters
20 power cleans
34 pushups
Rest 1 min
3 min max effort bar hopovers

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WOD – 12.20.2012

This is the stretch I know as a “couch sit”. Why it would be called that? I have no clue….sitting on a couch is much more comfortable.

I hate skipping a WOD because I am afraid or unable to perform the movements, but today I did. Today’s WOD at CFSA was 2 parts and the first part was “Diane”. “Diane” is 21-15-9 of 225# deadlift and handstand pushups. My deadlift is weak so doing 225 is not my max (my best 1RM is 265) but it is darn close. Doing 45 reps, total, at this weight would be very tough for me. And I can’t do handstand pushups. So I skipped. I still went to the box, but I didn’t do the WOD…This is what I did.

Squat hold x3
10 lunges
10 lunges with twist
20 second count couch sits for each leg
10 toy soldiers
10 walking knee grabs

Deadlift 225# for 4-5 reps about 6-7 times with breaks to perform handstands. I tried to hold the handstand for 5 seconds or more. Still a work in progress.

While the group did the prescribed WOD I did “Jackie”.
1000m row
50 thrusters @ 45#
30 pullups

WOD part 2
I cut Jackie in half
500m row
25 thrusters @ 45#
15 pullups

Tabata deficit pushups using 45# plates

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