13.4 review and 13.5 prediction


Me struggling towards the end of 13.4

I never gave my review of 13.4: it sucked!

I did 13.4 two times, as I have with the previous Open workouts and both times I was sucking wind at the end. The problem with a seven minute WOD is that you feel you don’t have time to stop and rest. The problem with clean and jerk is that it works your entire body. Ever. Single. Muscle. The problem with combining clean and jerks with toes to bar is that your body in a clean and jerk is going from curled up into total body extension and in toes to bar your body is going the opposite direction.

Maybe the perfect workout?

I really thought I could get into the 80’s in this workout, but it didn’t happen. The first time I got 72 reps and really thought I was going to have my first introduction to Pukie the Clown. Thankfully I avoided meeting Pukie but it took a good five minutes of standing outside bent over a railing and breathing deeply to keep my inside…in. The second time I got 75 reps and it is the first time I have ever worked out and found myself laying on the ground…outside. I rarely fall to the ground when I am done with a WOD, a position popular among CrossFitters. I would rather stand up and slowly walk it off. After my second attempt of 13.4 I was on the ground for a good 5 minutes outside of CrossFit Crush trying to catch my breath. 15 minutes later as I was getting ready to judge the next heat? Still out of the breath. The next morning when I woke up? Still coughing. Continue reading

WOD – 01.10.2013

1/3 of the way done with my Whole 30!

PVC pass throughs
3 RNFT of
10 hollow rocks
10 pushups
10 supermans
I also did squat holds, a few kips and toes 2 bar

100 push press
rest 3 min
100 toes to bar

30 squat snatch for time
2×10 OHS

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WOD – 12.17.2012

I usually hit the gym before work in the morning but today I can go at noon so I slept in this morning! ….woke up at 5am anyway…boooo. All I can think of is the WOD today at CrossFit South Aurora and how absolutely horrid it is going to be. And long.

Row 500m
Inch works
Kip swings
Work to a heavy hang clean

50 Double unders
21 Hang cleans 135/95
21 Handstand pushups
21 Toes to bar
50 Double unders
15 Hang cleans
15 Handstand pushups
15 Toes to bar
50 Double unders
9 Hang cleans
9 Handstand pushups
9 Toes to bar

There are results on the website already and people are completing this beast in less than 15 minutes? I suck at double unders, can’t do a real hand stand pushup and will need to break up those toes 2 bar into like 5-6 rep segments. I hope I can complete this in less than 30 minutes. It is going to kill me.

WOD – 12.11.2012

PVC pullovers to stretch my chest and shoulders. Chest is stiff after yesterday.
Samson stretches using PVC
Kip swings
Work up to the 155# required for WOD #1
Deadlift heavier than 155#, but not real heavy, to warmup back and hammys

WOD #1
5 power cleans
10 toes 2 bar
15 box jumps

WOD #2
5 pullups
10 pushups
15 squats

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WOD – 12.04.2012

Second morning at CrossFit South Aurora and already starting to feel at home.

500m row
PVC pullovers
Squat hold – sit in a squat, knees out, feet shoulder width apart and push your knees out with your elbows. Hold for at least a minute and get up slowly
Burgerner warmup in preparation for the cleans in the WOD
Arm twists
A few samson stretch and runners pose to loosen the hips and thighs

20 min AMRAP of
5 cleans #145
10 toes to bar
15 wall balls

5×5 squat snatch

I was cruising in the WOD completing each of the first 4 rounds in less than two minutes but then I hit a wall. After the wall balls I was gassed and took too long to get back on the bar for the cleans. While I did the cleans unbroken I was taking too long to recover. Something isn’t right as I usually don’t have this problem but my first two days at CFSA I have. Maybe I am not pacing myself good enough but I am hitting that “red line” more often and it is hurting my overall results as I cannot keep a good pace. Also need to work on toes to bar and getting those in rhythm.

As for the squat snatch I wanted to work on form so I did all 5 sets at 95# and all were successful and pretty good form. The owner of CFSA suggests I work on sets of 10 to build up my snatch strength so I am going to start working on that.