WOD – 11.19.2012

I will be at CrossFit LoDo Monday-Wednesday this week so each WOD will come from them, with a little added on by myself.

800m row
15-9-6 of
Good mornings
Med ball squat cleans

(Spend plenty of time getting warmed up and slowly build up to these weights)
3 RFT of
2 deadlift @ 90% 1RM
2 box jumps (36/30)
2 turkish get-ups (2pood/1.5pood)
2 squat cleans @ 1RM

1 extra round of above
3×5 squat cleans

1k row

I did the WOD in 9:33 and used 245# for the DL, 36″ box, 60# DB and 165# squat clean. I had a hard time with the turkish get-ups, which stinks because I thought they would be my strong suit. I couldn’t do a 2 pood KB, it was too heavy. The squat cleans also proved to be tough. For some reason, snatch or squat cleans, my first rep I have a hard time getting into the full squat position but the subsequent lifts are OK. I did 1 power clean during the WOD but otherwise did squat cleans.

When I was done I still had some energy do I did 1 extra round of the WOD after I wrote down my results on the white board and then took a bit of a break (put away all those weights from the WOD) and did the 3×5 at 135#.

It was fun to go heavy.