My first comp this year…I need to put my thoughts on “paper”

Last year by this time I had probably completed in two or three competitions, but this year I just haven’t had time or found the right one or whatever, until this Saturday. This Saturday I am doing the Battle at the Rock again. I did this one last year and it was a well run competition and some nice challenging WODs. Looks to be the same this year. I want to strategize and I guess I am going to dump my thoughts on this blog.

AMRAP6: 1 Clean and jerk and 4 bar facing burpees. This event is scored twice – first is total number of reps completed in 6 minutes and second is total weight lifted, so the athletes choose their own C&J weight.

I tend to think that I will be one of the stronger athletes there, even though I don’t feel that I am that strong. I have noticed that at these local comps I tend to be at least in the top third or quarter of the male athletes at the events. With that being said, there will definitely be guys who can C&J more than me, and do so easily. I am guessing at least a few guys will go with 225, which I cannot do. So do I use a light bar and try to just go balls to the wall for six minutes or do I go heavier and try to pace? I think if I go heavier and try to pace I have a decent chance of finishing higher than at least half the field in total weight lifted, and, at the same time, finish higher than half the field in total reps. I won’t go super heavy, but not really, really light either. I want to be able to rip that bar off of the floor and overhead almost immediately after doing the burpees. I will pace the 4 burpees somewhat.

What if I use 135 on the bar (fairly light for me, should be able to C&J when severely fatigued) and do 2 full rounds every minutes? That would be 12 reps at 135 or 1,620 pounds lifted and 60 total reps. I tend to overestimate my ability, but I think 1 round every 30 seconds should be very doable at that weight. Continue reading

Horrible workout, the cost of poor food choices

Normally, yes, but not this weekend!

I like to think I eat pretty clean. I have to admit I have become addicted to diet soda again and plan on stopping cold turkey today. I got to get off of it. Otherwise, in terms of eating Paleo, I eat pretty clean.

I have my cheat days/meals usually on Friday or Saturday nights. And my cheat meals aren’t like eating a whole pizza and stuffing my face with ice cream and brownies, but more like I have a few beers. I rarely eat any grains or dairy anymore. … I guess I do DRINK grains, though.

But then there are days like yesterday: Mother’s Day.

The weekend started off good as I ate clean all day Friday. On Saturday I was planning on meeting my sister on Loveland to try a few breweries so I knew I was going to have beer. That’s OK, it is Saturday and that is what I do. We ate lunch at a Cajun place and I kept Paleo except for some dirty rice. Rice is one of the least offensive grains you can eat so I felt OK eating the rice. I had a po-boy but didn’t eat the bread, just the sausage. For dinner I went to Old Chicago’s as my wife and kids were still out with a friend of hers and I had a salad that was 100% Paleo – no dressing, cheese or bread. But I did have a beer with dinner, too. They had Ghost Face Killa in bottles so I had to have one. Continue reading