Another reminder to myself – EAT, damnit!

Here I am eating 2,700 calories per day in an attempt to get under 200 pounds. I have been eating pretty damn close to this many calories a day for a solid four months. The benefits of tracking your food via myfitnesspal – I see that I changed from 2,800 calories a day down to 2,700 during the first week of July.

I still weigh around 212 pounds most days. Sometimes under 210 and sometimes closer to 215, but 212 is a pretty solid number.

However I hurt. My back hasn’t been pain free for at least the same time frame in which I changed my caloric intake.

Taking a step back – I don’t just track calories, I track macro intake, too. Currently I am eating 40/30/30 carb/pro/fat. Up until recently it was 45/30/25, but still 2,700 calories.

In looking at my workouts dating back to July I see that I start to complain about my back hurting.

Coincidence? I bet it isn’t.

I re-read two blog posts I wrote about this same time last year. Blog post from November 17th, 2015 and blog post from November 30th, 2015. Both talk about eating more and having positive results. Although one does talk about gaining weight and worrying about getting fat again. My biggest fear – waking up and being fat again. This fear keeps me tracking my food maniacally as I still do today. It keeps me working out when I probably shouldn’t be due to nagging injury. I want to keep myself accountable in both what I eat and my exercise to prevent waking up one day and realizing I am once again fat.

So last year about this time this is what I see:

  • On Monday November 16th I was slated to eat 3,400 calories – high carbs, low fat, over 200 grams of protein on a daily basis. It looks like I quickly adjusted down to 3,200 calories based on what I read in that second blog post on November 30th and what is in myfitnesspal. I stayed at 3,200 calories for a few months and then over the course of the next several months continued to take away 100 calories every few months until I got down to the 2,700 I am at right now and have been for over 4 months.
  • Looking at Decembers workouts a few things jump out. 1. I was working out more often including 2 a days fairly regular. 2. there is no complaint of pain. 3. The numbers I was lifting are better than they are today – heavier bench, deadlift and clean numbers jump out.
  • Moving into January I did Fran and was only 2 seconds off my PR – about 2 months ago we did it and I was almost a minute slower. I did Diane and cut 2 minutes off of my PR. I almost jerked 265 which I actually can’t imagine doing today.

Then the purchase of CrossFit Crush happened in March. I was still eating 3,200 calories a day, but my general stress/activity level went up by way of owning a gym. I started to note that my “cardio” times were dropping in March. Jackie was slower among other things. But I wonder how much of this was related to the added duties of being a gym owner? I know I never broke 220 pounds on the scale. So I wasn’t getting appreciably fatter.

In April the numbers still look good in my training log. I deadlifted 380 on at least 1 occasion and cleaned 245 – both numbers I just don’t feel like I could do today. Still eating 3,200 calories per day.

But in mid-April my calories started to decline. April held strong, but my mid to late May I started to note some disappointments in my lifts. By mid June I started to comment on my back and by then my calories were down to 2,800 per day. It’s essentially all down hill from there.

To summarize for myself: when I was eating over 3,000 calories a day I was setting PR’s and feeling good. Most noticeably in my higher rep deadlift sessions with weight over 300 pounds.

At no point did I get over 220 pounds.

Now I am eating around 2,700 calories a day and feel pretty beat up. No more PR’s. Running isn’t any better. Muscle ups aren’t any easier. Things I tell myself would be better if I weighed less. But there is the kicker – 500 calories a day less (I ate 3,200 calories for months where I at 3,400 calories for only a month at most) and I still weigh about the same.

Travis – please remind me again why you are eating so little?

That’s it. I’m kicking it back up starting immediately. I’m putting my goal daily at 3,000 again and on the days in which I work out I am having an extra Isagenix meal replacement shake at the end of the day that I will NOT count towards my daily intake. Just some extra calories in the form of good protein and carbs.



I used to eat this

When I was on Weight Watchers and when I used to count calories I used to devour “treats” like this. Skinny Cow deserts were the cat’s meow. I could eat one of these and only use a few points on the WW plan. They were tasty, low in calories, low in fat and the old me thought that was the perfect combination.

Now I know better.

I don’t eat dairy anymore and when I do it is usually in the form of frozen yogurt (although 9 times out of 10 when I get froyo I opt for the sorbet) and I rarely eat desert. Now days when I eat desert it is likely to be apple sauce with bananas and cinnamon.

I eat fat and lots of it. I eat fully fattened bacon and save the grease for use in cooking later. It’s is grains and processed sugars I avoid. It is fake food that I avoid. And this Skinny Cow might be the very definition of fake food. Continue reading


There is a saying: “If you saw it on the Internet than it must be true!”

That is obviously sarcasm. There is a ton of BS on the Internet. Remember a few months ago when everyone though Morgan Freeman passed away due to some spam on Facebook?

But what if you read something about health on a website like Just looking at the site it looks pretty trustworthy and professional. Sort of looks like or any of the other major news sites, doesn’t it? It is the sort of website that people read and immediately believe and take it for fact.


Here is an entry about the Paleo diet from Take a bit and read it. If you know anything about the Paleo diet it will basically make you sick. From what I gather reading that “article” is that the author read Robb Wolf’s The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet and that was the extent of his or her research.

I love Robb’s book, it is awesome. Talks in layman’s terms for the most part while also touching on the science portion. I don’t recall the book diving into numerous test studies but if you are going to put together an article on the Paleo diet you should do a bit more research. Pick up It Starts with Food and then wonder if there are scientific facts to back up the theory. Continue reading

Burpees for St Jude’s – donate!

In case you missed it: I am doing the burpee mile and doing so for charity, St Jude Children’s Hospital to be exact.

I have 31 cents per burpee pledged so far plus an addition $10. If I do 1,000 burpees that means I can hand St Jude’s a check for $310. I want it to be bigger. I want to hand them $1,000.

Help me make it happen! Send me an email at with what you would like to donate per burpee. If you donate 1 penny per burpee and I do 1,000 burpees you will be in for $10. If you donate 2 cents per burpee and I do 800 burpees you will be in for $16. From what I have read I am expecting to do 800-1000 burpees.

Once I am done with the burpee mile I will post the results, duration and number of burpees, and ask that you either paypal me the amount you donated or send me a check. If you don’t know me from Santa Claus and you want to send a check and make it payable to St Jude’s that is 100% acceptable. I would like to make a decent sized donation to help children with cancer.

I want this to spread like a wildfire! I have created a Facebook page and if you mark “attend” it doesn’t mean you HAVE to attend, it can just mean you are donating. Share this page with others, invite your friends and family, the more the merrier! Of course, if you want to see a slightly chubby white guy huff and puff his way through three t-shirts and a mile worth of burpees you are more than welcome to come down for the spectacle. I will be doing this at Fox Ridge Middle School in Aurora, Colorado.

I hope to hear from you!

Prepping breakfast for the week

I often cook up a bunch of meat on Sunday’s to prepare for the week ahead with lunches in mind, however; this past Sunday I decided instead of boiling eggs for the week I would make some egg “muffins” to eat during he week. Here is what I made, in pictures! Yay! (Can you feel my immense excitement??)