WOD – April


400m run
KB deadlifts, swings, snatches

20 chest to bar pullups
10 squat snatch (115#)
15 C2B
7 squat snatch
10 C2B
5 squat snatch

Results: 8:37 was my time. I failed getting my chest to bar on some of the pullups later in the WOD and not all of the snatches were full squat.



Rest Day.



Hip swings, hamstring stretches, joint work

5 mile run for the Cherry Creek Sneak

Results: 50:39 and about 30 seconds slower than last year. I am not happy with finishing slower but after yesterday I’ll take it. My legs really felt heavy in the last mile and I even had a real hard time sprinting to the finish line – something I do every race.



Various before each WOD

Barbell for Boobs
9am: Elizabeth (21, 15, 9 of 135# clean and ring dips)
11am: Fran (21, 15, 9 of 95# thruster and pullups)
1pm: Isabel (30 135# snatches)
3pm: Grace (30 135# ground to overhead)

I am not doing the last 2 WODs, Diane and Karen

Results: Elizabeth: 5:08, Fran: 5:39, Isabel: 3:08, Grace: 2:47. All PR’s and it was a great day. Tiring, stiff, warmup, stiff, stretch, stiff…That’s basically how the day went.



Rest day.




500m run
50 wall balls
400m run
40 wall balls
300m run
30 wall balls
200m run
20 wall balls
100m run
10 wall balls

Results: 18:23 and it was a gasser. I was sucking wind at the end of this WOD and it was exactly what I needed.



General stretching

On the minute: max reps in 20 seconds of front squat for 10 minutes (20 seconds of work, 40 seconds of rest)
On the minute: max reps in 20 seconds of push jerk for 10 min (20 sec on, 40 sec off)
On the minute: max reps in 20 seconds of deadlift for 10 min (20/40)

Results: As part of de-load I did 101 reps of front squat at 95#, 95 reps of PJ at 115# and 7x reps of deadlift at 145#. Even with the light weight it was a solid workout.



2 rounds, NFT of: 10 pullups, 10 pushups, 10 situps, 10 good mornings

3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21 of:
Slam balls
Bar hop overs (over and back = 1)

Results: I wanted to go light this week and the RX weight for the OHS was 95 and I figured that was light, but I probably should have went 75. It took me 17:23 to complete the WOD and I sucked wind. Tomorrow I am definitely cutting the RX weight.



The start of a de-load week…with a rest day. I will be doing light weight for the next 3 days.



5×5 Front Squats
5×5 Push Press

Results: I went 135, 155, 175, 185 and then failed on 195 for the FS. For PP I went 135, 155, 175, 195F, 180, 185 and I just realized I went 6×5…



Run 1 mile
100 pullups
200 pushups
300 squats
run 1 mile
Partition the pullups, pushups and squats as needed, but start and end with a 1 mile run
If you have a 20lb vest, wear it.

Results: I have done Murph once and it was at 24 hour Fitness. I didn’t break up the pullups, pushups and squats and didn’t wear a vest. I ran my miles on the treadmill. This time I will partition and wear a vest. It took my 50 minutes to complete and that was with my calves cramping at the start of my 2nd mile. Ill take 10 minutes off of my previous best and I remembered while running that the last time I did it I did assisted pullups. So cutting 10 minutes off of my time and wearing a vest with unassisted pullups – SCORE!



Rest Day. Want to take another day for my lower back. Stretching is in order for today.



I did extra hip, back mobility before working out. Did a few of the drills from KStar to help lumbar area/glutes/hammys.
Did a few pullups, a few pushups and a few situps, too.

“Barbara”, with a slight modification
5 RFT of:
20 pullups
30 pushups
40 situps
50 squats
with exactly 2 min of rest between rounds (supposed to be 3 minutes and we had a 30 min cutoff)

More hip/lumbar mobility

Results: I wanted 4 full rounds and I got 4 rounds and 41 reps into my 5th round….so I kept going. It took me 34:10 to complete all 5 rounds with the 2 min rest period.



EMOTM for 10 min of 6 snatch balance
EMOTM for 10 min of 6 snatch grip deadlift
EMOTM for 10 min of 3 power snatch

Results: Not good. After the 3rd or 4th minute of snatch grip deadlift I really felt my lower back stiffen up. So I stopped and didnt do anything else the rest of the morning other than stretch. I have had too many back issues in my life and I need to listen to my body when I feel it in my lower back area. I can still feel the tightness a few hours later and even feel it in my hamstrings. Hoping I feel better tomorrow. Good news it that it isn’t a sharp pain, it is a dull uncomfortableness. I think that is just muscle fatigue and not a real injury. The halting deadlifts and back extensions from the other day must have started this.



Rest Day.



2 rounds of 10 med ball cleans
2 rounds of 10 wall balls
1 round of 10 double time wall balls

15-12-9 of:
135lb thruster
25lb weighted pullup

5×3 halted deadlifts

5 rounds of max inclined situps
3×10 back extensions

Results: I didn’t time my WOD today. I went to 24 Hour Fitness after work and I know it took me about 13-15 minutes.



PVC pass throughs, PVC OHS and PVC squat cleans

Olympic total
20 min to find 1 RM clean and jerk
20 min to find 1 RM snatch

4 RFT of:
500m row
15 bench press @185

Results: I need to go heavy more often. I have been stuck at a 205 C&J and 155 snatch for a long time and hit both of those numbers again today and couldn’t even PR by 5#. All mental. The WOD took me 16:20.



PVC OHS, hip swings, PVC pass throughs

5 RFT of:
400m run
15 OHS @95

Find 1RM of OHS

5 farmer carries – 100m, 55# KBs

Results: First time doing Nancy and I did her in 17:23. Running after OHS is always fun. I didn’t get my person best OHS at 175 and only got 165 but not bad after doing Nancy. I didn’t time myself on the farmer carries, I just did 100m at a time and went when ready.



400m run
10 kip swings, 10 squats and then stretch your chest

Partner deck of cards – FOR TIME! Don’t slack in drawing your cards, be ready to work when your partner is done with their work.
Ace = 200m run (both athletes run)
Hearts = Jumping squats
Diamonds = GHD situps
Spades = Clapping pushups
Clubs = Slam balls
Jokers = 20 burpees
Alternate drawing cards. If you draw 4 of clubs you do 4 slam balls. Then your partner draws 5 of diamonds, he/she does 5 GHD situps. If you draw an ace you both run and upon return it is your partners turn to draw.

Results: It took my partner and I just about 21 minutes to complete the deck. The worst series was when he drew an ace, so we both ran, when we got back I pulled a joker so I had to do 20 burpees, he pulled a 2 of something and I pulled a 10 of clubs. Otherwise it was a solid workout. I ran a mile when we were done, too.



Rest Day.


4.10.2013 – Part 2

Deadlift with PVC and squat for stretching hips/ankles/etc.

Find 1RM of DL
Find 1RM of Backsquat

Results: The WOD was my plan going into my afternoon session, but that went to hell and a hand basket in a hurry. I did get my 1RM DL of 265. I tried to lift 275 for a PR but it didn’t happen. Upsetting. I was going to do backsquat but I was feeling tired and I have been told recently, many times, that I am not squatting properly – I am not moving my butt back initially to get down into the squat. So I squatted 185 for 3 reps a few times working on that movement and had a coach watch to see if it was better. I then did 5 reps at 135 a few times and for fun did 2×5 of front squats at the same weight….and then to put icing on the cake I did 1 bear complex at 135 to end my 2nd workout.



Jump rope for 2 minutes, 10 pullups, 10 pushups, 10 good mornings, 3 min squat hold

For time
Wall ball
Hollow rocks

Find 1 rep max of weighted pullup

Results: The WOD took me 7:28 and I had to break up my pullups in every round except 6 and 3. I tried a 55# KB for my max weighted pullup and nearly got it. Not bad after doing 54 pullups during the WOD.



PVC and other stretches

For time:
10 OHS @135
10 box jump overs 24
10 thrusters @135
10 power cleans @135
10 toes to bar
10 burpee pullups
10 toes to bar
10 power cleans
10 thrusters
10 box jump overs
10 OHS

Find 1 rep max of bench press

Results: The WOD took 13:42 and I benched 275. I tried 285 for a new PR but couldn’t quite get it all the way up.



Rest Day.



PVC and jump rope

Deck of Cards: for each suit you perform the number of reps as is on the card. If a 9 of hearts is flipped you do 9 ground to overhead. If a 6 of diamonds is flipped you do 12 situps (2x)
Hearts: Ground to overhead @ 155#
Diamonds: 2x situps
Spades: 2x double unders
Clubs: Kettle bell swing @ 2 pood
Aces: 11 Handstand pushups
Jokers: 400m run

Results: I worked for approximately 40 minutes and made my way through all but 15 cards. Had to cut it short so I could get my son to gymnastics.




With a partner
20 min AMRAP of
30 lateral bar hop burpees (partners alternate 5 burpees)
20 front racked lunges 95# (partners split to 10 lunges each)
30 situps (partners split to 15 sit up each)
20 power snatch 95# (alternate reps of 5 snatches)

WOD #2
4 minutes of max reps of
15 thrusters
15 chest to bar pullups
If you get 90 reps in 4 min, do another 4 min

Results: My partner and I did 5 rounds of the WOD and I completed the first 10 lunges into the 6th round. For 13.5 I struggled a lot more on the chest to bar pullups than I thought I would. I only scored 29. I probably did 30 pullups, easy, but could only get 14 chest to bar. Towards the end I just didn’t have it to get my chest to bar. Pretty horrible.



Stretching and wall walks

Run 400m
9 thrusters @95#
9 pullups
Run 200m
15 thrusters
15 pullups
Run 400m
21 thrusters
21 pullups

Run 1 mile

Results: I did the WOD in 12:04 and rested about 3 minutes then ran the mile. The mile took me about 10 minutes.



Rest Day



As if yesterday’s WOD wasn’t a shoulder killer we get “DT” today.

Various movements with PVC, sets of 5, done rapidly: deadlift, bent rows, hang clean, front squat, squat clean, power snatch, OHS, squat snatch

5 RFT of:
12 deadlift @155#
9 hang power clean @155#
6 push jerk @155#

Results: Dead. Dead. It took me 15:34 and thankfully tomorrow is a rest day! My shoulders are finished.



1 min on, 30 sec off of: jumping lunges, hollow rocks, slam balls and handstand holds
30 sec on, 30 sec off of the same

20 KB swings (55#)
12 push press (135#)
20 lunges
40 KB swings
9 PP
40 lunges
60 KBS
6 PP
60 lunges

Results: 12:22 and my legs were finished. Quads = done. Shoulders = toast.



400m run
3 min squat hold
Leg swings, pushups, pullups

3 rounds of
1 min max rep back squat @135#
30 seconds rest

50-40-30-20-10 of
Double unders

Results: I f’ing hate double unders. It took me, I don’t know, 11 minutes or something to finish because my double unders suck.

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