What “Paleo” means to me – it has changed

I started eating “Paleo” in 2012. Back then I was coming off the low fat/high carb diet. I ate a lot of Subway. This was still back in my Weight Watchers days so I tracked my food using their points systems. I ate a lot of their “1 point” snacks, a lot of fruit and loved going to Subway for a turkey or club sandwich with pretty much all of the vegetables and NO MAYO!

I was hungry. A lot.

My wife had been doing this Paleo thing for a few months and I finally read It Starts with Food by the Hartwig’s followed shortly after by reading The Paleo Solution by Mr. Paleo himself, Robb Wolf.

After reading It Starts With Food I was sold after the section that basically described my day of eating: yogurt for breakfast with some cereal or granola and then maybe a few hours later I was starving so I ate a granola bar, then by 10am I was starving so I went to Subway and had a six inch sandwich with some baked potato chips and by 1pm I was starving again, so another high carb snack (probably a 1 point WW snack of some sort) and by the time I got home from work I was famished and I would have some wheat pasta with red sauce a some meat of some sort. Still starving before I went to bed I had another high carb snack of some sort – but all in all I stayed within my point allotment for the day as prescribed by Weight Watchers.

That was me – almost EXACTLY what I went through everyday. Continue reading

Why I cut my Whole 30 short and why it still helped

Damn you Colorado and your fantastic selection of quality micro brews!

I had this bright idea after Memorial Day weekend to do a Whole 30. My nutrition had slowly went downhill and had gotten to the point where it was just brutal. And by brutal I don’t mean eating fast food once a day, but instead of eating really clean six to seven days a week and then having one cheat meal, or two, I was eating cookies and candy much more frequently. On top of that I was literally starting to base my life around when and how I was going to get my next diet soda. I would drive home and maybe take certain routes because a gas station had cheap refills.

I was getting super pathetic.

It wasn’t showing on the scale so I figured everything was A-OK. But it wasn’t. I started drinking diet soda because I felt it would keep me from eating sweets. I thought that if I had a diet soda it would keep me from treats. I figured that zero calorie soda was better than cookies, candy and other sugary treats that do have calories.

Then I started consuming both. Point defeated.

So, here I am on Memorial Day weekend and I am eating junk, more junk and then some more junk. I am downing diet soda after diet soda. I decide to do a Whole 30 and why wait? Let’s start it on Tuesday following Memorial Day.

Everything was fine and dandy to begin with. I was eating clean, planning, packing and no diet soda. A few days into my Whole 30 I was soda free and after four or five days the really bad cravings were gone. I was determined to replace diet soda with iced tea. I have never been a tea drinker, but this time I was determined to replace diet soda with tea – and it was working. I was brewing my own at work and buying it at the store when I had to go for a walk. Of course I was sure to get the kind without junk in it – just tea and water (I am amazed how many tea packets have soy lecithin in them!). Continue reading

Today is day 1 of another Whole 30

Quick thoughts about starting my 3rd Whole 30 today.

  • My eating isn’t bad, I wouldn’t say, but it isn’t great. I have allowed myself to eat a cookie now and again – maybe a few a week when I pick up my kids at my parents house, for example.
  • I have become way too comfortable drinking diet soda….again…
  • I have become really relaxed on not eating gluten. Not that I eat it everyday, but I have allowed myself to consume a bit of it once or twice a week. For example, we like Five Guys burgers and while I get mine in a lettuce wrap I don’t even hesitate to finish my two year olds burger if she doesn’t, bun and all. The other night we went to Chili’s solely because I had a coupon for free chips – and a ate a bunch of them.
  • I don’t drink beef often, maybe once a week, but I often wonder what would happen to my mid section of I cut it out altogether. This will never happen because I love beer and don’t want to deprive myself, but for a month let’s see.
  • This will not be a true Whole 30. I have a bachelors party I am going to on June 14th that is in Fort Collins and the groom wants to go to various micro-breweries. While I have survived other family get-togethers and other parties while on a Whole 30 I am going to break for that day to enjoy the day and enjoy some beer.
  • I have thought in the past about doing a modified Whole 30 (I know, I know, it is either a Whole 30 or it isn’t). My modification would allow myself diet soda. I am dreading tomorrow because I will be back at work and am cutting out diet soda. Walking to the corner store while at work to get a pop has become not only a fix to my addiction, but it gets me out of the office for a walk. I will need to continue to get out and walk, but not go to the corner store.
  • Today (I am writing this on Monday the 26th) I bought donuts. What the hell, right? I know I am starting a Whole 30 tomorrow and I haven’t purchased donuts in probably 10 years. No kidding. Even before Paleo I always struggled with my weight. Sure, I ate donuts when someone else bought them, but I never bought them myself. Since I bought donuts now I HAVE to start tomorrow.

Wish me good luck, I am going to need it. My body needs it. I will create another food log tomorrow (Tuesday) or the day after to track what I consume for the month. Let’s hope it is clean. My wife is doing one, too, also her third and we will chat every night to support each other and keep on track. With both of us doing it it becomes much easier because when we go out to eat we will pick a place that is Whole 30 compliant (as far as we know) like Chipotle.

What is a Whole 30?

I’ll tell you what it ISN’T – it isn’t cake, birthday or otherwise.

I have done two Whole 30’s and have thought about doing another one, when the time is right! I have written about them quite a bit and documented what I ate for 30 days (links above), so I get a lot of people who land on my blog looking for something Whole 30 related. WordPress often has what search terms were used to find my blog and what some people are searching for when searching “Whole 30 x” isn’t a Whole 30.

I see that yesterday someone searched for “Whole 30 birthday cake” and found my blog. Well, I hate to break it to you, but any sort of cake isn’t Whole 30. Paleo-the-ever-living-shit out of that cake; remove all the flour and sugar you want and replace with almond flour and honey and it still isn’t Whole 30. No, you cannot have Whole 30 pancakes. No you cannot have Whole 30 buns or bread. No you cannot have Whole 30 muffins.

If you want to do a Whole 30, do a Whole 30. Cut out all of the crap and eat food. Just. Eat. Food. Stop trying to “Paleo-fy” everything. If you can’t go 30 days without some form of cake then you can’t do a Whole 30. Just give up now.

My first day on the Zone

I refuse to call it a diet…this is more of an attempt to re-calibrate my eyes to proper portion sizes.

Over the past year I have done pretty damn good at eating Paleo. I won’t say I am 100% Paleo and I won’t try to put a percentage on it, but for most of the year – food wise…damn diet soda – I have eaten Paleo every meal of everyday except Friday or Saturday dinners the vast majority of the weeks. I would have a beer or two per week and did drink diet soda, other than that I would guess I didn’t have one slice of bread from January 1st to maybe sometime in December (I did have a roll with dinner the other day). I ate very, very little cheese and rarely drank milk. I stayed gluten free….minus the freaking beer… I did have rice with my Chipotle every-so-often, but I can’t recall ever having a tortilla.

If you read Robb Wolf or The Whole 9 they advocate eating three meals per day and eating as much as you like, or need, to keep full. Unfortunately I am not good at sticking to three meals, but the “eat until you are full” bit has kept me away from worrying about portion sizes. I haven’t concerned myself with protein to carb to fat ratios either. I just eat a lot of meat and a lot of veggies. I probably eat too much protein and not enough carbs and certainly not enough fat. I eat guac or avocados with breakfast often, but that’s about it. I guess nuts are a fat…anyway, I haven’t worried about that. Continue reading